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Yoshi's Story is a platform game for the Nintendo 64.

This site is an unofficial archive about Yoshi's Story Speedrun.
In Japan, many people play Yoshi's Story Speedrun.
The most popular game is "Single-segment any% no reset."
SDA(Speed Demos Archive)Record is 16:05, however, records by Japanese players is faster than it.
UnofficialWorldRecord is 13:36 by Anta on 2013-03-02(Japanese Version).
(OLD-WorldRecord 13:43 by Theo nicovideo)
(OLD-WorldRecord 13:50 by Theo nicovideo)
(OLD-WorldRecord 13:56 by Theo YouTube,nicovideo)
(OLD-WorldRecord 14:07 by Theo YouTube,nicovideo)
(OLD-WorldRecord 14:30 by Theo YouTube,nicovideo)
Neskamikaze(SDA Recorder) attained NewRecord 14:41 in "Skip movie any%", in Awesome Games Done Quick 2012.
In SRL, some players set up fast records. (SRL Timing=no reset JPN Timing -3mins)
But on Japanese vesion, we can't skip movie.
Japanese version don't own saving in story mode.
Additionally, "All Melons Speedrun" is played by some players.
"2lap any% Speedrun" was made by BibiKurotori.
It is played by a special rule:DON'T select same route.
1st route:1-2,2-2,3-1,4-1,5-3,6-3
2nd route:1-1,2-1,3-3,4-2,5-4,6-1
Any record is reported to Owner(Theo) and archived on this site.(Records page)
If you improve on your record or set your first record, please report to Theo. (mail address  not #, alter @)
Write Name, Date, Game, Record, Platform, Video URL.
About any%, timing is the same as SDA method,.
About other game, however, different method is used.
Japan standard timig method
Start:Reset or power on
Stop:After the final battle, indicate all number of total score
In Japan,timer timng of all basically was used Japanese method.
On "2lap any% Speedrun", add up first lap time and second lap time.
At between first lap and second lap, if you rest from speedrun, your record isn't approved of official  record.
If you have any question, please mail me.
Let's play Yoshi's Story!!!
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Please read Japanese page for further.
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